A random little check in.

Well hello there everyone.

I actually have nothing of interest to say. I just thought id check in and see how the world is beyond my little bubble.

So this week has been pretty much the same as any. Rather dull and consumed with work but well that’s the life of a growed up I suppose. Have to do the responsible thing and got to work and pay the rent.

While I’m on here you guys may be able to shed some light on this subject. Does anyone have any idea where we stand as I’m coming up with brick walls and dead ends. My wife and I are registered civil partners in the UK. I have dual nationality so I am an American citizen and also a British. Two passports, birth certificates. Social security number for the US and a national insurance number for the UK. My wife is a British citizen. We want to move back over to the US. What are the federal laws on this. Would she get granted a spouse visa? If anyone can help fill the gaps that would be awesome. I just keep chasing my tail getting information.

Other random musings from me……

Its currently 11 days since the lovely wife and I inseminated. Not feeling too confident about this one. She knows her body and who am I to question. But she thinks there is no way we are pregnant. Still we’ll keep soldiering on. She had blood test for a few fertility related things last week and the Dr wants to see her. Not entirely sure what this could mean because normally he will just explain bloods over the phone. But we have to wait until Thursday before we can get too see him. I am actually quite concerned about this but I’m sure (well, more hopeful) its nothing too serious.

And on another note,

The sun needs to hurry up and get its ass out!!!! I am sick of freezing my ass off every day. I was rudely awoken at 6 am this morning by my alarm clock screaming its head off only to be greeted with an ice cold flat. Now I am not a morning person by any stretch of the word. I can barely string a sentence together until iv had at least two cups of coffee and a few cigarettes. But I think far more people would survive if it was just a tad warmer when I have to drag my butt from my bed. I’m like a reptile. I get the hump if I don’t get my few hours sun basking time a day.

Well considering I did’nt have anything to say I still managed to prattle on so I shall leave you now.

Be good to each other .