I’m a 26 year old woman. Married to my best friend, who also happens to be a woman. I’m not overly feminine but I can be when it counts. I love beer, tattoos, music, bums, boobs and my wife. Not in that order. The wife would have to come first in everything. I love nothing more than a summers evening in the garden relaxing with a beer swapping stories of the day with my best lady.
We are trying to start our own little family while saying up yours to the prejudice that comes along with same sex parenting. We’ve not been blessed so far. We went through a silent miscarriage in 2012 and are struggling to conceive after that. I will admit our lives have been slightly taken over by ovulation pee sticks (Its as if my wife is a dog at a lamp post. Drawn to urinating on these piece’s of plastic), semen and the two week wait (2WW). We will get there though one day.
I enjoy a good book, when I get the time to read one that is. I also love to cook and a movie.
We are currently located in the UK but I hope one day to be able to move to the USA. My getting over is not a problem. I have dual nationality but getting a visa for the dear lady is another issue for another time.
We have an African Grey parrot that will think nothing of calling you a w**ker. Currently trying to teach her to say moist because I’m really mature like that. We have a bunch of fish as well. I find them relaxing.
I try not to take myself too seriously, but well the stresses of life take over sometimes.
Forgive me if it takes time for me to get to grips with this whole thing. Its the first time Iv tried to blog.
Stay safe and love one and other


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