Safe to say its a no go this month.

Well were about 14 days dpo and its still a negative. 😦

To be honest we didnt hold much hope in getting a positive this month. Were having a few problems in the fertility area. Ever since the miscarriage things haven’t been right. Were currently sitting at cycle day 43 and still no sign of a period! Normally this would be a blessing but its far from it. The wife’s periods are usually slightly out but never this bad. We use a clearblue fertility monitor that tells us exactly when shes going to ovulate but it did’nt pick it up this month so we don’t think she ovulated. She had bloods taken a few weeks back because we actually managed to get the Dr on our side. They were not the results we were hoping for. Turns out her progesterone levels are ridiculously low for the point she was at during her cycle. And some of her other hormones were out. We have to wait until she comes on and go have more bloods taken on day two of bleeding then we’ll know more of what were looking at. But knowing our luck she’ll come on Good Friday and we wont be able to get to the Dr until at least Tues as the’ll be closed. We also have an ultrasound booked for two weeks time to have a look at her reproductive organs and see if there’s anything visibly wrong. But until then all we can do is sit and patiently (or not so much) wait. We have decided were going to hold of the TTC while all this is going on until we know what were dealing with. Wev got a holiday booked for May so were going on that and right back to it when we return. I thing we just need a few months to get back to us instead of the crazy lesbian couple trying to get pregnant obsessed with sperm, cycle days and periods. And also I don’t like the idea of flying while shes so newly pregnant. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to give some better news.

Love each other!



3 thoughts on “Safe to say its a no go this month.

  1. Hey I am sorry that your on a no go this month, it’s so fucking frustrating, waiting is just tortuous, after a couple of cycles i actually dont think there is anything worst 😦 I think that if her issue is with ovulating, it’s a fairly ‘easy’ fix because they can give her hormones (possibly clomid i think from memory) to help her ovulate, and then when you do IUI your bang on for the right timing as they give you a trigger shot πŸ™‚ so thats a positive. One of my friends is having issues with not ovulating too at the minute, and she just had the same issue with a fertility monitor. Were off on holiday in May too… your not going to Gran Canaria by any random chance?!! Were off to pride out there this May πŸ™‚ x

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