Sundays uuuggghhhh!!

So here it is again. Sunday. Normally I don’t mind Sundays but this one is proving to be especially dull. It all started off at 7.15 this morning. The wife went to work. She wont be getting home until about 8.15 this evening. So there’s strike one against this particular Sunday. It just means a day of nothing for me. And I hate my own company. I get bored after 20 Min’s. So Iv pretty much worn the carpet out already pacing around not knowing what to do with myself. I thought id be slightly productive and clean the fish tank out until one of the little buggers actually bit me. Yes, I got bit by my own bloody fish. So there’s strike two. Now I think I should clean the parrot out. Now this parrot hates me for some unknown reason. Does she not know I pay for her cage and ensure she gets  enough social time. Provide her with a never ending supply of peanuts. But alas, she will also try and savage me. She absolutely adores the wife though. I suppose that’s one thing we have in common.

And then it’s on to the house work. Which is automatically strike three. I hate house work. There is nothing more dull than being on my own and doing the whole domestic goddess thing. I’m sorry, It’s just not for me.

So there fore in my line of thinking, I’m playing this Sunday like a game of Base Ball. Three strikes and you’re out of there!!!! So to make this long, rainy Sunday go better I’m going to find a box set of something, close the curtains, put a pot of coffee on with some chocolate and wallow in self pity all day on the sofa. Ill order dinner in tonight as well so at least iv fed the wife when she gets home from her long day. I mean come on. What ever happened to Sunday being a day of rest and family!

Stay safe.



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