Question from Rachael.

Sorry for the delay on this blog. Been rather busy with work just lately. I was asked ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ by Rachael.

Well the answer to this question is rather simple really. I would like to be living in the US with my wife. Have a child by now. maybe another. If not looking into a second child. Own my own home and in a job where I can support my family with just enough in the bank account to get by and for the odd little treat or vacation. I look to have the simpler things in life like a re connection with my family in America and get closer to them. And quality time with my wife and little family. If within the 5 years the US law does not allow my wife and I to live in America I want all of this but I shall just do it in the UK with the view to move when and if the law does change.

Thanks for the question Rachael.

Stay safe.



2 thoughts on “Question from Rachael.

  1. Hello There! Thanks for stopping by my blog. After reading yours, I was wondering why you wish to move to the US from the UK? I here across the pond and was curious! Cheers!

    • Hi there Meg. Thanks for the question and stopping by.
      Well, The reason I want to move to the States is that all of my family are living over there apart from my mum and nan. Now my mum and I don’t have the best relationship in the world and I want to get a closer relationship with my family over there. Were all quite close but can only get so close because of the distance. I want a relationship with my father like daughters are supposed to have. The opportunity to be close to my father was taken form me when I was very young. Also I think financial situations are better over there. Pay is higher for jobs and houses are cheaper to buy. Over here my wife and I have absolutely no chance of buying a property but over there it is more achievable. Every now an again we look at what properties are for sale over there and for what you could pay for a 4 bed house you would struggle to get an apartment over here. Also I like the American education system. When I was in school over there, If you didn’t pass the year you couldn’t move up to the next. I want that for our child, when ever he or she turns up. School over here is so much easier and if I’m honest I think its awful. Its very much, if you fail, oh well. I want our child to have a decent standard of education. I know that America has its own financial issues and isn’t as stable as it was probably 10 years ago but its a damn site better than over here. Just to be closer to my family is what means the most to me. My wife and I have spoken in great detail about all of this and more and she really wants to move over also. I had to be sure she wanted it as well before I go up rooting her. She understands and is totally behind me.
      I hope this elightens you a bit Meg. Any more questions feel free to ask.
      Have a great day and stay safe.

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