Question from kittycollingwood.

I was asked, If you could pick 4 songs to describe your life, what would they be and why!? by kittycollingwood. I will try my best to answer this as best I can but I can absolutely grantee that it will go over four songs. I am really into my music and have such an eclectic taste that there’s a huge number of songs out there that mean a lot to me and describe different stages of my life and how I got to where I am today. But, well here goes nothing.

First up we have ‘Hold On’ by Alabama Shakes. I absolutely love the bluesy jazzy feel to these guys. For me this song just says you’ve got to keep pushing through and not forget your dreams and that one day you will get there. You have to ‘Hold On’ to all of this. My biggest dream is for the wife and I to move over to the US with our own child. Even though it seems an impossibility at the minuite what with the laws not recognizing our marriage, (and I say marriage and not civil partnership because that is what it is to us), and our struggle to conceive but if we hold on we will get there.

Up next it Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’. I honestly don’t think you can answer a question like this without this song. I know its an cheesy rock song but it does hold real meaning to basically live how you want to live and not hold back. I do sometimes need to remind myself of this. I used to worry too much about other people but I’m through with that. If I still worried what people thought id still be in the closet, way back in the depths of Narnia. Another song that ties into this theme of just living your life is Cat Stevens ‘Can’t Keep It In’. Why bother hiding your love.

‘If That’s What It Take’s’ by Celine Dion. This song has extra special meaning to me. It’s a song that I think about my wife when ever I hear it. It’s one of ‘our songs’. Yes were a cheesy couple that do that. We have been through so much in the last few years together and its all bought us closer together. So it’s basically my way of saying to her it’s OK to break down sometimes. Ill always be there to pick her up again. And it works visa versa. There is a version where she sings it completely in french and its absolutely beautiful. ‘Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore’. I can barely string two words together in french but I absolutely love this version. I know the English words for it so I can sort of figure it.

The next song is a rap number. Now I don’t usually go in for too much rap but I like the way this guy writes. Its probably not a very good example of his writing. Its called ‘runaway’ by Devlin Ft Yasmin. Now basically it’s about how he wants to leave his current situation and take his lady with him. Hence the connection with myself. It all comes back to moving to America and starting a new life. Devlin also sings another song called ‘Dreamer’ which ties into this. I am a bit of a dreamer. I can see our future. A nice house, probably in Florida near my dad and his wife. At least four bedrooms. Massive lawn. The wife and hopefully two children. Maybe a Beagle. Coming home to the family after a hard day’s work and sitting on loungers by the pool and playing with the children and dog together. I can see it all in my imagination.

The next one scrapes a little deeper. ‘Not Ready To Make Nice’ by The Dixie Chicks. Now this one pretty much outlines the relationship my mother and I have. You could say were not exactly best of friends. When she and my dad split I was very young. Too young to remember the reasons and details but up until very recently she had me believing that he didn’t want to know and that he didn’t care about my brother and I. I went over to be with him when I was 12. lived there for about nine months before I came back to the UK. I really only came home for my nan. My mum and nan are not really close either. I went over to America two years ago after not seeing or really speaking to my dad for about 13 years. I was just at that point in my life where I felt I needed to know where I came from. And I am so glad I did. I will admit I was really apprehensive about seeing him, as I’m sure he was. Only to discover we get on like a house on fire. Even though he did’nt bring me up, we are so much alike. I also found out a lot of what my mum had me beleiving was not true. He did care. Always tried to call and my mum would say my brother and I were not there. She claimed he never sent the maintinance checks but I saw proof that he did. He even had heaps of Christams cards and birthday cards that he got for us and they were either re directed back to him or it just hurt too much for him to sent them. My brother was the lucky one. He got the opportunity to move out there to spend some time with dad just after I got home. He took it and stayed. He did excelently at school and is now serving in the United States Army. So yea, the song basically conveys my feelings towards my mum and this silent argument is still going on, two years later.

Anyhooooo moving on. ‘Don’t Stop’ by one of my top five groups / artists, Fleetwood Mac. Just a feel good song to keep me pushing forward and not dwelling too much on the past. Look to the future and focus on dreams. Also ‘Shake It Out’ by Florence And The Machine. Get rid of the bad thoughts. Bury them. I’m all for trying to get as much positivity as i can.

I’m going to leave it here I think, now iv probably bored you all to tears. That’s nine songs. I was asked for four but I honestly could’nt cut it down any further than that so my apologies.

Stay safe and love one and other.



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