Hello and Welcome.

Hello there.

This is my first blog ever. I’m not entirely sure why, at the age of 26 I feel the overwhelming urge to start a blog? I also cant promise ill write often but the intentions are there. I may have a new urge next week. I may also choose to stick it out and see where it takes me. I feel it may be a good outlet for me to….. Vent, express, journal. Who knows what could happen.

Well I should start off with a little background information. My name is Brittany but most of my friends call me Britt, also Dave. That one is a family nickname as I’m not exactly the most feminine woman in the world, but underneath it all I am still a woman non the less. I am 26 (as we’ve already established). I am married to my best friend and partner, Anneka. We have been together since 2005. We got married back in August of 2012. We have shared many amazingly happy times together, But also some extremely heart breaking ones too. But they just pull us closer together. She truly is my best friend and one of the very few people that understand me. But I’m sure ill share these experiences further down the line.

I was born in Huntingdon, Cambritdgeshire to an English mother and an American father. Lived here in Huntingdon for much of my early life. Spent a lot of time living with my amazing nan too. I spent a year in Florida living with my dad when I was 12/13, where I do regret leaving and coming back to the UK sometimes but I had my reasons back then. Every 13 year old knows whats best for themselves, right?  My dad is a USAF vet. He and mum split when i was relatively young. He remarried and moved back to the US. My mum remarried and is living in Kent with her husband. I am currently living in Huntingdon with my wife, wishing we could both move to the US. But alas, the government does not recognize our civil partnership so we can not get her a visa. Only time will tell on this one I guess.

I work in our local hospital dealing with the sterilization and decontamination of surgical instrument. Something reasonably new to me but it is rather interesting but also extremely dull all at the same time. I guess its the stability of it that I enjoy but I do sometimes crave to do a job where every day is completely different. But that’s my own short comings of not knowing what I want to do with myself.

You will learn that I do tend to ramble on quite a bit. I tend to start writing and before I know it iv written an essay. So on that note, I shall leave it here.

Speak to you soon.



6 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome.

  1. Thanks for the share my wife and I are also Sterile Processing Techs BEST of luck with the baby mission! =]

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